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About Mariko Mrakich

With unmatched enthusiasm, positivity, and warmth, Mariko has proven herself effective in management, sales, negotiations, customer service and personal care over several decades — diverse experience that combines to propel her real estate success today.


She grew up in the entertainment industry as a ballet dancer and daughter of a jazz vocalist and movie and television character actor. As an adult, she managed a music production company, where she sustained business relationships, booked venues, co-produced a CD and more. She also found career success in high-end retail sales, retail store management, and holistic wellness. 

Most recently, Mariko’s passion has been for helping both individuals and families relocate to Southern California rental properties. She works with them to discover their exact needs and sensibilities, educate them on options and walk them through the very personal transition with great attention and care. 

Additionally, Mariko works to impact the local community through her dedicated leadership. She has served as an elementary school PTA Chairperson, an Auxiliary Member and Board Member of local youth sports organizations as well as a Girl Scouts Co-Leader.

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